Comité spécial sur la santé mentale - Santé mentale en milieu de travail

Le mardi 7 février 2017, de 16 h 15 à 18 h

(En anglais seulement)

As part of our Master of Business in Complex Project Leadership, we will be holding a special panel to discuss mental health issues in the workplace. The emphasis of the discussions will be on how leaders can identify early symptoms of distress in employees, courses of action, and what can be expected in the re-integration phase.

Our distinguished panel of special speakers include:

  • Hilary Flett: Director, Public Service Occupational Health Program, Health Canada
  • David J. Hesidence, PMP: Registered Psychotherapist; Director, Project Management Office and Regional Capacity Building, Royal Ottawa Health Care Group
  • LCol Suzanne M Bailey, MSM, CD, MSW: SSO Social Work & MH Trg, CF Health Services Group HQ

Date :
Le mardi 7 février 2017
Heure :
de 16 h 15 à 18 h
Lieu :
World Exchange Plaza
Centre of Executive Leadership
The Telfer School of Management
45, rue O’Connor, Suite 350
Ottawa, ON, K1P 1A4
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