Séminaire sur la recherche en gestion : The Challenge of Corporate Risk Reporting - Conceptual, Analytical and Empirical Research Insights

Le vendredi 10 mars 2017, de 10 h à 12 h

Cet événement se déroulera en anglais seulement.

(En anglais seulement) Corporate risk reporting is a recent challenge faced by business firms, investors, analysts, regulators and other stakeholders. Around the globe the financial and economic crises have highlighted the deficits and the importance of corporate risk reporting beyond financial sectors. This presentation summarizes and discusses research on corporate risk reporting that has emerged over the last two decades taking a conceptual, an analytical and an empirical perspective. How do corporate risk management and risk reporting interact? To what extent do incentives for corporate risk reporting matter even in regulated environments? What are the actual drivers and economic effects of corporate risk reporting? The findings contribute to a well-founded understanding of corporate risk reporting and have implications for research and practice.

Date :
Le vendredi 10 mars 2017
Heure :
de 10 h à 12 h
Lieu :
École de gestion Telfer
Pavillon Desmarais
DMS 7170
55, avenue Laurier Est
Ottawa (Ontario) K1N 6N5
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À props du conférencier (en anglais seulement)

Michael Dobler is Full Professor of Accounting, Auditing and Taxation at Technische Universität Dresden, which is one of the Universities of Excellence in Germany. His research interests focus on international financial reporting, the interaction of incentives and regulation, risk disclosure, auditing, and corporate governance. Michael’s research has been published in a variety of international journals such as Business Strategy and the Environment, Journal of Accounting & Organizational Change, Journal of International Accounting Research, Managerial Auditing Journal and The International Journal of Accounting. Michael is currently working on a number of joint research projects with colleagues of the Telfer School of Management. 

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