Soutenance de thèse - Monika Jasinska

Le mercredi 18 octobre 2017, de 15 h à 17 h

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Project Management Practices in Small Projects: 5 Cases in a Canadian Hospital Setting

Monika Jasinska
Candidate à la M. Sc. en systèmes de santé
École de gestion Telfer

Résumé (en anglais seulement)

Healthcare is continuously changing through means of project work. Small projects in healthcare settings are of particular interest since they are usually not adequately supported by the health institution, and present many challenges of their own. However, collective successful completion of small projects has the potential to significantly impact and improve health service delivery. This thesis examined the value of project management practices in small projects in Canadian hospital settings to acquire new knowledge on this understudied kind of project and propose basic project management practice guidelines for future small projects conducted within these settings. Data collection was conducted in two hospitals in the form of semi-structured interviews with five interprofessional project teams composed of 4-10 healthcare professionals. Qualitative within-case and cross-case inferential processes were applied and findings shed light on the beneficial value of adapting principles of project management to small projects in hospital settings. Given the bottom-up nature of small projects, results suggest it is of significant importance to clearly define and understand the small project, as well as perform a thorough stakeholder analysis to be able to gain the right approvals. Insufficient time dedicated to small project management governed these shortcomings, thus more time to small project management should be allotted. In addition, the presence of a team leader was a significant factor influencing continuous project execution. Lastly, a consolidated list of 43 project management practices deemed important by the majority of participants from all 5 cases was revealed and could serve as basic project management practice guidelines for future small projects conducted in hospitals. Future studies should take into consideration allied disciplines’ contributions such as organizational behaviour to help explain the interplay between group dynamics and small project outcome.

Date :
Le mercredi 18 octobre 2017
Heure :
de 15 h à 17 h
Lieu :
École de gestion Telfer
Pavillon Desmarais
DMS 6160
55, avenue Laurier Est
Ottawa (Ontario) K1N 6N5
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