Les Séminaires sur la recherche en gestion : Corporate Cultures and the Power and Pitfalls of Collaborating with Competitor

Le lundi 4 décembre 2017, de 10 h à 12 h

Cet événement se déroulera en anglais seulement.

James M. Crick, PhD
Lecturer (Assistant Professor), Marketing
School of Business and Economics
Loughborough University

(En anglais seulement)

Coopetition is the interplay between competition and cooperation, and is a business strategy used to help managers improve their performance (e.g., sales) in ways that would be considerably more difficult than if they competed on their own. The existing literature has focused on the dimensions and performance outcomes of behavioral forms of coopetition (i.e., the sharing of resources and/or capabilities between rival firms), rather than the factors that drive managers to engage in such cooperative strategies. Moreover, there has been a lack of research surrounding corporate cultures fostering coopetition. As such, this investigation examines the nature of the relationship between a coopetition-oriented corporate culture (i.e., an organization-wide mind-set and set of values surrounding the importance of cooperating with competitors) and company performance. Using an in-depth, and multi-level qualitative study from the New Zealand wine industry, the findings suggest that at the owner-managerial-level a coopetition-oriented corporate culture is likely to manifest into coopetition-oriented behaviors, and in turn, company performance. However, the product-market served by competitors is likely to affect the degree to which firms engage in coopetition strategies. That is, rivals that compete for drastically different markets to their competitors were found to be less likely (at the functional-level) to engage in coopetition-oriented activities. Therefore, this study provides new insights into the benefits and drawbacks of cooperating with competitors. The presentation ends with a set of scholarly and practical recommendations.

Date :
Le lundi 4 décembre 2017
Heure :
de 10 h à 12 h
Lieu :
École de gestion Telfer
Pavillon Desmarais
DMS 7170
55, avenue Laurier Est
Ottawa (Ontario) K1N 6N5
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Date limite d'inscription :
Le dimanche 3 décembre 2017, 10 h

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À propos du conférencier (en anglais seulement)

James M. Crick is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Marketing in the School of Business and Economics at Loughborough University, United Kingdom. His research interests are positioned at the marketing/entrepreneurship interface (also known as entrepreneurial marketing), covering issues such as internationalization theory, collaborative business strategies (e.g., coopetition), as well as dynamic and evolving business models. James’ work has been published in international journals such as the: Journal of Strategic Marketing, European Business Review, Strategic Change, Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal and Marketing Intelligence & Planning. Further, he has presented his work at a range of international conferences; for example, the: Academy of Marketing Science, British Academy of Management, Academy of Marketing, Global Research Symposium in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, and International Council for Small Business. James is also a regular contributor at the McGill International Entrepreneurship Conference.Ali Akyolis a Senior Lecturer in Finance at the University of Melbourne. His research focuses on corporate governance. He mainly studieshow recent governance regulations and related changes affect the board and shareholder value. His work has appeared or is forthcoming inleading finance journals including the Journal of Financial Economics and the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis. Ali holds a PhD from theUniversity of Alabama.

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