Les Séminaires sur la recherche en gestion : CSR Performance: Governance Insights from Dual-class Firms

Le mercredi 4 avril 2018, de 10 h à 12 h

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Linda Thorne, PhD

Professor of Accounting

Schulich School of Business, York University

Our examination of CSR scores in dual-class firms provides a window on firms’ CSR performance when insulated from external pressure. Dual-class ownership confers greater voting rights on a superior class of shares held by insiders; consequently, managers of dual-class firms are insulated from external pressure from inferior class shareholders and, potentially, from society. We compare CSR scores in dual- and single-class firms, and investigate the association between CSR scores and cash flow rights in dual-class firms. Our analysis reveals that dual-class firms have lower CSR scores than their single-class counterparts and that CSR scores in dual-class firms are positively related to the relative cost of CSR borne by the superior class of shares. Our findings suggest that external accountability encourages CSR performance, and CSR performance is higher when the superior class bears a smaller portion of the cost of CSR activities. It follows that our analysis suggests the importance of governance structures for encouraging CSR, and the dampening impact of cost to CSR performance.

Date :
Le mercredi 4 avril 2018
Heure :
de 10 h à 12 h
Lieu :
École de gestion Telfer
Pavillon Desmarais
DMS 4165
55, avenue Laurier Est
Ottawa (Ontario) K1N 6N5
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Date limite d'inscription :
Le mardi 3 avril 2018, 10 h

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À propos du conférencier (en anglais seulement)

Linda Thorne has been a professor at SSB for 20 years. She is a CA, CPA, and has previously worked for Imperial Oil, Price Waterhouse Coopers and Veritas Research. She has a PhD from McGill University in Accounting Ethics, and does research in the ethics of accountants and accounting including taxpayers' compliance and CSR.

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