Hors Campus : Jobathon 2016

Le jeudi 5 mai 2016, de 9 h à 12 h

Cet événement se déroulera en anglais seulement.

"JOBATHON 2016" AT OTTAWA'S YMCA/YWCA (RSVP before May 5th, 2016) 

A free event that connects employers & job seekers via community mass-action! 

EMPLOYERS: Come experience a unique free recruiting event where you meet candidates in action: running their own Jobathon at a YMCA/YWCA community room! This is the place to be if you have an opportunity for your community (full-time jobs, part-time jobs, contractual work, summer jobs or internships). You don't have to attend this free recruiting event in person but you may want to if you seek an "instant local audience" for your important recruiting announcements. Employers will also have a special area reserved for them if they wish to network with each other. Contact: Melanie Vaughan (YMCA) or Sylvain Henry 

(Whether or not you attend, you may email your requirements in advance) 

JOB-SEEKERS: Meet employers, job-finding mentors, consultants, and other job-seekers while visiting Ottawa’s downtown YMCA/YWCA! A fun community event that accesses the hidden job market for fresh, usually unpublished, opportuities. There are no fees for job-seekers at this event, an event which will demonstrate the power of community in finding work. Learn a new way to introduce yourself. Contact: Melanie Vaughan (YMCA) or Sylvain Henry 

(Whether or not you attend, you may email your resume in advance) 

VOLUNTEERS: We need 25-50 volunteers to spend just an hour of their time helping others, and themselves, find employment (or clients) in a fun new way: with their cellphones! People of all ages can participate, even those not looking for work. In keeping with the spirit of the sharing economy, employers and job-seekers are also encouraged to volunteer. Employers who volunteer at this event will get free candidate suggestions beyond the event! Job-seekers who volunteer will get a free job-finding workshop. Tables and chairs will be provided but volunteers are free to walk around the huge community room while calling! Contact: Melanie Vaughan (YMCA) or Sylvain Henry 

(Volunteers get a free "Try the Y" one day pass + 1-day free WIFI! or YFI at the Y) 

MEDIA: You are an important part of your community so you are most welcome to attend an event that is important to our community, one that helps revive our local economy. Jobathons are business community outreach phone-a-thons that produce measurable results within the first fifteen minutes. We hope you can stay that long and see for yourself why Jobathons are better than job fairs. They are free, fun, fast and most of all fruitful! Contact: Melanie Vaughan (YMCA) or Sylvain Henry for info. 

(Some local businesses and organizations may be announcing news of growth and innovation at the Jobathon!) 

Be part of the "sharing economy", please share or email this ad to an employer

Date :
Le jeudi 5 mai 2016
Heure :
de 9 h à 12 h
Lieu :
180 Avenu Argyle
Ottawa, (Ontario) K2P 1B7
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