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Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Support Grant


The objectives of the SMRG Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Support Grant are to

Funding provided for each Postdoctoral Fellow is of $40,000 in salary support for one year. $30,000 of which will be provided by Telfer School of Management. The research team will provide $10,000  from a tri-council grant, research foundation grant, MITACS, from private sector funding or other source.



The PI can receive only one SMRG Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Support Grant per academic year that cannot be extended.

Holding multiple grants as investigator a co-investigator: Each applicant is required to disclose all currently held sources of funding, including the amounts and research projects for which they were awarded. In case of multiple grants an applicant has to justify how requested funding is related to currently held grants. The SMRG Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Support Grant cannot be combined to another SMRG opportunity.

A request to extend the duration of funding beyond original period needs to be made to the Telfer School Research Facilitator and if granted, the extension will not exceed another full calendar year. A formal request must be made at least two months prior to the end of the grant period.

This grant is not intended for pedagogical uses.

The number of grants may vary from one financial year to another depending on the availability of funds.



No later than one month following the visit, the lead investigator must submit a short report explaining how the grant application objectives have been realized. If all the objectives have not been achieved, the lead investigator must justify the situation in the report. The report results will have a significant impact on future funding decisions.

Each publication or presentation having been made possible through funding from the SMRG program has to explicitly acknowledge the support of the Telfer School of Management.


Evaluation Criteria


For further information, please contact the Manager, Research Enterprise of the Telfer School of Management Research Office.

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