Telfer School of Management University of Ottawa

Research Grant

This grant is designed to support Telfer School faculty members with active research programs.  Its goal is to provide financial support for a research project that will result in:

An applicant can request up to $15,000 for a research project lasting up to two years.

Each successful applicant that meet’s RMS eligibility criteria is required to submit his or her research proposal again to the University of Ottawa Research Development Grant or the Interdisciplinary Research Group Funding Opportunity before release of the SMRG Research Grant. Once the Research Office receives a confirmation of such an application, the fund are made available.



A principal investigator is eligible to be the recipient of only one Research Grant in a given academic year.

Holding multiple grants as investigator and co-investigator: A SMRG grant can be linked to a held grant or one that has been submitted for funding, however the projects cannot overlap. Each applicant is required to disclose all projects submitted for funding and currently held sources of funding, including the amounts and research projects. In the case of multiple grants, an applicant has to justify how the requested funding is related to other grants and grant applications. Requests for support of overlapping research projects are not eligible for funding.

A request to extend the duration of funding beyond the original period needs to be made to the Telfer School Manager, Research Enterprise and, if granted, the extension will not exceed another full calendar year and a maximum 2 extensions can be requested. A formal request must be made at least two months prior to the end of the grant period.

This grant is not intended for pedagogical uses.



The recipient has to provide a short report at the end of the grant period. This report should clearly state what was accomplished (submission to tri-council and/or to the FT50 or other top journal), and in a case when original goals were not achieved, an explanation of the reasons has to be provided. Reported results of the grant will have significant impact on future grating decisions.

Each publication or presentation having been made possible through funding from the SMRG program has to explicitly acknowledge the support of the Telfer School of Management.


Evaluation Criteria

Quality and importance of the proposed research idea


Budget and budget justification


Research Assistants and Training


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