Telfer School of Management University of Ottawa

Student Thesis Research Grant

This grant is intended for graduate students who are registered full-time in a graduate research program offered by the Telfer School of Management (currently MSc in Management, MSc in Health Systems, MSc in Digital Transformation and Innovation). The Student Thesis Research Grant has been created to support students in their thesis research. The value of the grant is a maximum of $4,000 for a duration of up to 1.5 years. For MSc students, this is intended as a stipend and/or expenses related to the thesis research.



A request to extend the duration of this grant needs to be made to the Research Office and, if granted, the extension will not exceed another full calendar year. A formal request must be made at least two months prior to the end of the grant period. 

Supervisors who have external funding will be expected to provide a top-up contribution equivalent to 50% of the grant awarded (some exceptions may apply), i.e. $2,000.

Students holding an external excellence scholarship are eligible to the Student Thesis Research Grant. The amount of the grant will be limited to $2000 and can be used for research expenses only (not as a stipend). Professors holding external funding are expected to provide a top-up of $2000, also to be used towards research expenses.

Request for funding has to be submitted through the online portal by the supervisor. 

A graduate student is eligible to receive the Student Thesis Research Grant only once for a given program of a study.

This grant is not intended for pedagogical uses.



Thesis and possibly academic publication or presentations.

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