Telfer School of Management University of Ottawa

Research Accelerator Grant

From time to time, situations may arise that make it difficult for a faculty member to maintain the expected intensity of his/her research. Research productivity may vary during periods of pregnancy or early childcare, whether or not a formal leave of absence was taken, or as a result of other personal circumstances. Administrative leave, disability and other situations may also result in delays. The Research Accelerator Grant is intended to provide financial assistance to help kick-start a stalled research program.

An applicant can request up to $12,000 for a research project lasting up to two years. Knowing that availability of time to conduct research is one of the factors impacting research productivity, an applicant can also request for Research Protected Time (RPT) that is equivalent to one 3 credit course release. The total number of RPT’s available in a given year is subject to approval by the Telfer School Dean.

It is expected that the results of research enabled by this grant will lead to improved research productivity in terms of publications in academic journals and refereed conference proceedings, which ultimately will: 1) improve the promotion dossier, 2) help to develop future application for tri-council grants, and/or 3) allow the applicant to become an active researcher. The request for funding has to clearly demonstrate how this grant will be used to kick start the applicant’s research program. If an RPT is also requested, it is necessary to explain in detail how having protected time will help with obtaining results from the research.

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