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Team Grant - Level 2


The goal of the SMRG Team Grants Program is twofold:

  1. To promote and support collaborative and team based research between Telfer faculty members and/or external collaborators (depending on the research program and level of team grant).
  2. To support the development of research teams whose activities will result in tri-council grant applications.


This grant opportunity acknowledges differences in research scope and team composition which are a function of several factors, mainly the academic career stage of the applicant, their history of funding, and the size of the program targeted by their research proposal. Thus, SMRG Team Grants Program is designed at two different levels that take these factors into account. For both levels PI on grant application has to come from the Telfer School.

Target audience

Telfer School faculty who have a history of tri-council (or similar) funding and have experience in developing and leading team based research. PI on the grant application will be an established researcher with a proven research track record and past funding.

Goal and expected outcome

To support the expansion of an existing team or the creation of a new interdisciplinary, interfaculty and/or inter-university team. Although not mandatory, collaboration with community partner(s) is strongly encouraged.

Expected outcome is the development of a grant application for a large-scale grant to external funding competitions (i.e. NSERC Strategic Grant, CIHR Foundation Grant, SSHRC Partnership or Partnership Development Grant).

General Information

Grant duration (both levels): 1.5 years maximum.

A total of 2 team grants will be awarded in a given year (subject to availability of funds). Excellence of the application and the strength and complementarity of the team are the main criteria for success.

Recognizing the time required to prepare and conduct team-based research, the PI can request Research Protected Time (RPT) that is equivalent to one 3 credit course release for the duration of the grant. Total number of RPT available in a given year is subject to approval by the Dean.

PIs of funded applications, when possible, are strongly encouraged to submit their proposals to the University of Ottawa Interdisciplinary Research Group Funding Opportunity matching stream.

The application has to be submitted through the Telfer School Research Portal.

Review Process 

Using the criteria listed below, applications received will be evaluated and ranked for each category of grants (level 1 and 2). Domain experts external to the Telfer School will be invited to assess submissions and to provide advice to VDR. Research Committee members may also be invited to provide advice to VDR. The VDR will make the final decision, taking into account the availability of funds and the Telfer School of Management strategic research priorities.

The Research Office is responsible for communicating the decisions to all PIs and to provide feedback based on comments once the final decision has been reached.


Members of the Research Committee will use the following criteria to assess the submissions:

Quality and importance of the proposed research idea


Research team

Budget and budget justification


Research assistants and training

Research protected time (3 credits one time)

Optional - the linkages to strategic research priorities of Telfer School and/or University of Ottawa

  1. Telfer School strategic research priorities
    • Why proposed research is strategic for the School;
    • If there is no linkage, explain how the proposed research will contribute to the Telfer School mission and to its goal of becoming one of the top Canadian research-intensive business schools.
  2. University of Ottawa strategic research priorities
    • If applicable, how proposed research fits the strategic priorities of the university.

The funding organization that will be targeted


The primary outcome of the SMRG Team Grants Program is for the winning SMRG proposals to be submitted to external funding agencies.

The PI is required to provide a short report at the end of the grant period. This report should clearly state what was accomplished, what were the challenges and how they were addressed. In the case of a change to the applicant’s original research objectives, an explanation for the change has to be provided. Reported results of the grant will have an impact on future granting decisions for all team members from the Telfer School.

Any published or presented research made possible through funding from any of the SMRG funding programs has to explicitly acknowledge the support of the Telfer School of Management.

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